19+ InDesign Newspaper Templates

In this post, we’ve compiled our favourite InDesign newspaper templates. Designed to save time for graphic designers, these readymade newspaper templates both look good, and are easy to use.

On the surface, InDesign newspaper layouts might seem like simple things to put together. Especially if you’re a skilled designer, you might wonder why you should even bother with a template at all.

But as it happens, newspaper-style editorial design is actually rather difficult. So using one of these InDesign newspaper templates is a great way to kickstart your project.

πŸ’‘ Our Top Tip for Newspaper Layouts
Creating a newspaper design can be a lot of fun, but to make it look realistic you’re going to need a lot of content! Before starting your newspaper project, make sure you have enough journalistic content to fill out the pages, otherwise your newspaper won’t look realistic.
If you don’t have a lot of written content to insert into your newspaper, consider using one of these InDesign Newsletter Templates or Magazine Layouts instead.

Furthermore, you might ask why you should use InDesign to design a newspaper layout.

Well, as Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard for creating print layouts, you’d be hard-pressed to go with any other tool. Adobe InDesign (and maybe Quark if you’re a boomer) are the most efficient tools for create type-heavy projects – like Newspapers.

InDesign offers a range of features specifically for editorial design. Master pages, automatic page numbering and stylesheets will all turbocharage your productivity. Don’t even think about using Photoshop for a newspaper!

In our below list of INDD newspapers, you’ll find a variety of layouts and paper sizes, including A3, A4, Tabloid, and Broadsheet. Each of these templates have been hand-curated for both style and practicality.

If you find a template you like, let us know in the comments below!

19+ Newspaper Templates for Adobe InDesign:

1. Digital Newspaper Design Template

Digital Newspaper Design Template

A contemporary, digital-friendly newspaper design template that’s perfectly suited for online publications. Its streamlined, modern design ensures easy readability across all digital devices.

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2. Tabloid Newspaper Layout

Tabloid Newspaper Layout

This is an engaging, dynamic layout crafted specifically for tabloid-sized newspapers. Its bold typography and generous use of imagery ensure a captivating reading experience that will keep your audience interested.

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3. Le Pocket Newspaper Layout

 Le Pocket Newspaper Layout

This compact, efficiently designed newspaper layout is ideal for small-scale publications such as community newsletters or event programs. Despite its smaller size, it doesn’t compromise on content space or readability.

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4. Newspaper Design Layout

Newspaper Design Layout

Embrace tradition with this classic newspaper layout. It brings professionalism and a sense of nostalgia to your publication, making it perfect for news outlets seeking a time-honored aesthetic.

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5. Tabloid Newspaper Layout

Tabloid Newspaper Layout

This layout brings together bold visuals and a reader-friendly design, ideal for a tabloid newspaper. It enables compelling storytelling, engaging readers with its striking headlines and image-led content.

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6. Vintage Retro Style Newspaper Layout

Vintage Retro Style Newspaper Layout

Step back in time with this vintage-style newspaper layout. Its aged aesthetic captures the charm of old-world journalism, making it perfect for specialized historical or themed publications.

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7. Classy Newspaper Template

Classy Newspaper Template

This refined, sophisticated newspaper template offers a touch of elegance to any publication. Its clean layout and thoughtful typography create a premium reading experience.

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8. Sport Newsletter Layout with Orange and Yellow Accents

Sport Newsletter Layout with Orange and Yellow Accents

This energetic, vibrant sports newsletter layout is characterized by bold orange and yellow accents. It’s designed to capture the thrill of the game, keeping readers informed and entertained.

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9. Small Classy Newspaper

Small Classy Newspaper

A smaller version of our classy newspaper template, this layout doesn’t compromise on style or content. It’s perfect for niche publications looking for a refined aesthetic.

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10. Newspaper Layout with Bold Text Elements

Newspaper Layout with Bold Text Elements

A layout that prioritizes bold, eye-catching text elements, perfect for a newspaper that wants to make a statement. Its strong typography and flexible layout ensure your stories stand out.

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11. Minimal Newspaper Layout with Yellow Accents

Minimal Newspaper Layout with Yellow Accents

This minimalistic newspaper layout uses subtle yellow accents to bring a touch of color to its streamlined design. Ideal for publications seeking a clean, modern look.

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12. Magazine Layout with Peach and Dark Red Accents

Magazine Layout with Peach and Dark Red Accents

This magazine layout offers a warm, inviting look with its peach and dark red accents. Its elegant design is perfect for lifestyle, fashion, or food-related content.

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13. Outdoor and Travel Magazine Layout

Outdoor and Travel Magazine Layout

This layout is specially designed for outdoor and travel magazines. Its wide, vibrant images and clean text layout make it perfect for showcasing beautiful travel photography and engaging stories.

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14. Teal and White Newsletter or magazine Layout

Teal and White Newsletter or magazine Layout

This layout offers a cool, modern look with its combination of teal and white. It’s perfect for newsletters or magazines that want to present their content in a fresh, contemporary way.

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15. Newsletter or Magazine with Teal Accents

Newsletter or Magazine with Teal Accents

This layout brings a pop of color to your publication with its striking teal accents. Its modern, reader-friendly design ensures your content is always front and center.

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16. Green Newspaper Layout

Green Newspaper Layout

This green newspaper layout offers a unique, earthy aesthetic. It’s perfect for eco-conscious publications or those wanting to stand out from the crowd.

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17. Brochure Layout with Pale Blue and Gray Accents

Brochure Layout with Pale Blue and Gray Accents

This brochure layout combines pale blue and gray accents for a calming, sophisticated aesthetic. It’s ideal for corporate brochures or high-end product catalogs.

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18. Bright Magazine Layout

Bright Magazine Layout

This layout offers a bold, vibrant design that’s sure to catch the eye. Its bright color palette and modern typography make it perfect for young, trendy magazines.

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19. Fashion Magazine Layout

Fashion Magazine Layout

This chic, stylish layout is designed with fashion publications in mind. Its sophisticated use of imagery and typography creates a high-end feel, making it perfect for showcasing the latest fashion trends and stories.

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Unlock Your Creative Potential with These InDesign Newspaper Templates

Remember, a great newspaper isn’t just about the stories it tells, but also about the way it tells them. So choose a template that resonates with your vision and get started on creating a newspaper that truly stands out.

We hope you’ve found our curated list of InDesign Newspaper Templates inspiring and helpful. Whether you’re working on a newspaper project for a client, your local community newspaper, perhaps a church – or just having fun with a school project – we hope these handpicked templates offer a practical and helping hand.

If like us you believe in the power of good design and its ability to communicate stories effectively, then let these readymade templates be the tools that bring your journalistic content to life.

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