10+ Best InDesign Rack Card Templates

Best Rack Card Templates for Adobe InDesign (INDD Format)

Not to sound too boring, but InDesign Rack card templates, or DL cards as they’re also known, are a firm favorite of mine. I prefer them over posters and flyers as they’re a much more practical paper size when you want to produce a small flyer.

Their compact size makes them incredibly versatile and easy to distribute in various settings, such as retail counters, trade shows, or even in mailed envelopes. The smaller dimensions allow for a more focused message and design, making it easier for recipients to digest the information quickly. Additionally, rack cards are often less likely to be discarded, as their convenient size encourages people to tuck them into pockets, wallets, or bags for future reference.

Another advantage of using rack cards is the cost savings. Their smaller size typically requires less ink and paper, making them an economical choice for businesses looking to promote their products or services on a budget. Furthermore, the simplicity of rack cards encourages designers to be more creative and strategic with their designs, ensuring that the most important details are prominently featured and easily noticed by potential customers.

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16+ Best InDesign Art Deco Templates

Best Art Deco Templates for Adobe InDesign

Art deco and InDesign are not two words often found together. But when it comes to timeless luxury and a feeling of high-end chic, these InDesign Art Deco templates are the go-to standard.

Few design styles evoke so much glamor and glitz as this 1920s standard. And thats why Art Deco has become such a mainstay in graphic design – since its inception, right up until today.

With its bold geometric shapes, lavish ornamentation, and luxurious materials, Art Deco captures the essence of opulence and sophistication. It’s no wonder that it has made a lasting impact on various aspects of design across industries.

From hotels and bars to product brands, services, home decor, wedding stationery and more; Art Deco remains a firm favorite. The enduring appeal of this design style lies in its ability to convey a sense of elegance, making it a versatile choice for projects that require an air of refinement and exclusivity.

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15+ Best InDesign Funeral Program Templates

Best Funeral Templates for Adobe InDesign

InDesign Funeral Program Templates aren’t exactly the most heartwarming of subjects. When we start out our journey as graphic designers, creating content for funerals probably isn’t high on our list of preferred projects.

However, everyone’s journey must end at some point, and someone’s gotta create those funeral programs, memorial service announcements, and other funeral-related stationery.

One way to look at funeral projects as a designer is that taking on such projects can be a meaningful way to contribute to the grieving process. Creating bespoke funeral stationery can help families and friends remember their loved ones in a beautiful and dignified manner.

But it doesn’t have to all be doom-and-gloom, at least not when it comes to the design. Thoughtfully crafted funeral stationery can showcase the personality, interests, and accomplishments of the deceased, providing a lasting tribute and a source of comfort for those in mourning.

By incorporating elements of the individual’s life, passions, and beliefs into the design, you can create a unique and heartfelt commemoration that serves as a celebration of their life and legacy.

For example, if the deceased enjoyed gardening, a funeral brochure with a floral theme would be an ideal choice.

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41+ Best Brochure Templates for Adobe Illustrator

Best Brochure Templates for Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator brochure templates have risen in popularity over recent years. Improvements to Illustrators typography tools and multi-page features have made brochure design in Illustrator a more convenient task. But ask any old-school designer about brochure design and they’ll tell you it can’t be done in Adobe Illustrator.

And typically they’d be right – multi-page documents like brochures are better suited to tools like InDesign. However, sometimes when you want a little more design flexibility, you might be more comfortable designing inside of Illustrator.

Indeed, Illustrator is well-known for its vector capabilities and precise control over design elements, making it a popular choice for creating intricate graphics or illustrations.

And after all, you can still link graphics and setup style sheets in Illustrator, so it’s not that big of a deal, right? While it might require some extra steps and adjustments compared to InDesign, utilizing Illustrator for brochure design can still yield impressive results, especially for those who prefer the software’s unique features and user interface. So, if you’re comfortable with Illustrator and feel it suits your creative needs, don’t hesitate to use it for brochure designs.

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8 Best InDesign School Yearbook Templates

Best Yearbook Templates for Adobe InDesign

It’s easy to overlook InDesign Yearbook Templates as a useful resource. After all, they’re given out only once per year and yearbook layouts can be somewhat uniform.

However, yearbooks aren’t just fun souvenirs given out at the end of the year. They’re timeless memoirs of student lives which in later life they’ll look back on with fond memories.

A well-designed yearbook serves as a visual narrative that captures the essence of an entire academic year, including events, milestones, and achievements. It showcases the unique personalities and experiences of students, teachers, and staff members, celebrating their individual stories and the bonds they’ve formed.

As a result, a thoughtfully crafted yearbook can evoke a sense of nostalgia and become a treasured keepsake for years to come. It allows people to reminisce about friendships, relive accomplishments, and remember the moments that defined their time at school.

In this light, yearbook design becomes more than just a creative project; it’s a meaningful endeavor that aims to encapsulate the spirit of a school community. This importance highlights the need for engaging, cohesive, and visually appealing yearbook designs that truly capture the essence of the shared experiences and memories that make each school year unique and unforgettable.

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35 Best InDesign Infographic Templates

Best Infographic Templates for Adobe InDesign

Although not a common resource, InDesign Infographic Templates are certainly one of the most useful. If you spend any amount of time at all working with InDesign documents, you’ll know that clients – especially corporate clients – love to showcase their data.

On its own, data can be kinda dull and hard to digest. But when presented using infographics, data suddenly becomes a feast for the eyes.

Infographics are a really easy way to present boring information in a visually-appealing manner. But creating infographics from scratch can take up a lot of time. After all, infographic design isn’t easy.

First you have to figure out the best way to illustrate the data, then you have to go about creating it.

Luckily, there’s a much easier way – but you already know that, which is why you’re here and looking at the Infographic templates for InDesign.

Infographic templates for InDesign provide a convenient shortcut to help you streamline the design process. These readymade layouts come with pre-designed infographic elements, color schemes, and text areas for you to simply customise to your needs, rather than starting from scratch.

By using a template, you can focus on presenting your data in a clear and engaging manner, without getting bogged down in the intricacies of design.

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15+ Best InDesign Employee Handbook Templatess

Best Employee Handbook Templates for Adobe InDesign

InDesign employee handbook templates are an ideal resource for any designer working amongst the thralls of a corporate company. These useful but somewhat boring documents change frequently, so having a templatised design at the ready is working smarter, not harder.

Crafting an employee handbook that captures and conveys a company’s policies and values requires a great deal of creativity from graphic designers. After all, first impressions matter.

One way to make the process easier is through the use of a readymade template, specifically employee handbook templates for Adobe InDesign.

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25 Best InDesign Course Workbook Templates

Best Course Workbook Templates for Adobe InDesign

InDesign Course Workbook Templates personify what it means to work with InDesign. Often containing every type of layout we every create, from forms to brochure layouts, infographics to photo books. Creating workbooks for students and employees requires extreme attention to detail, layout planning and an understanding of the topic being taught.

In other words, designing a course workbook that can engage learners requires a great deal of thought from graphic designers.

You must fully understand instructional design principles and pay close attention to detail, taking into account the unique learning styles of their target audience.

Your approach to workbook design should include thoughtful consideration of the course’s learning objectives, the level of detail necessary to support the subject matter, and the learners’ level of comprehension.

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30+ Best InDesign Photography Portfolio Templates

Best Photography Portfolio Templates for Adobe InDesign (INDD Format)

In my opinion, InDesign Photography Portfolio Templates are the best way to create a printed photography portfolio. Why? Because of InDesign’s ability to link to and handle large numbers of hi-resolution photos. So, to the photographers out there who might prefer tools like Photoshop or Lightroom, don’t overlook InDesign…

As a photographer, creating a portfolio that showcases your work in the best possible light is essential. Your portfolio is a visual representation of your artistic vision and serves as a reflection of your professionalism and creativity.

Although your photos should speak for themselves, prospective clients will be wowed if your portfolio layout looks as impressive as the photos. A well-designed layout not only complements your work but also enhances its visual impact and leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

That’s where the photography portfolio layouts listed below can help – as each has been created by a professional designer with a designer’s eye for detail. These templates have been specifically crafted to highlight the beauty and intricacy of your photography while maintaining a clean, elegant design.

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25 Best InDesign Party & Event Flyer Templates

Best Party & Event Flyer Templates for Adobe InDesign

These InDesign Party & Event Flyer Templates take the hassle out of creating stylish, modern & creative flyer designs in INDD format.

Creating party and event flyers that capture the atmosphere of an event requires a certain degree of finesse and artistry from graphic designers.

Thankfully, Adobe InDesign offers a range of readymade INDD Party Flyer Templates to help you get started.

Be it a small-scale party or a large-scale festival, in our curated list below there’s sure to be an InDesign Party Flyer Template that suits your project.

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